May I present to everyone: Treasure Buster! The iOS version is on sale today. Get it in the Appstore here.

The Android version is going through bug testing now, so we hope to have it done soon.


Treasure Buster is in the home stretch. Just a minor bug or two left. In the meantime, I have been working on some illustrations for the launch to help with promoting the game and the soundtrack. My skills are waning a bit due to lack of practice, but I am pretty happy with how they turned out. It makes me want to get more painting time in again going forward.



My apologies for going underground for over a year. Things have been busy at Pixel Licker and I have not one but TWO games in development. The one nearest completion is called Treasure Buster. It is kind of a mix of Zelda 1 and pinball, wrapped in the veneer of early 90's arcade games from companies like Capcom and Psikyo. Looks like the folks at FDG will be handling publishing duties again and they put together this awesome gameplay trailer for the Clickteam booth at GDC. Big thanks to Matt Creamer for supplying the music and delving into the FMSynth sound with his usual amazing skill.


Thanks again to everyone who downloaded Slayin and made it even more of a hit after the update. My producer and I worked really hard to make the 3 new characters more diverse and interesting than the initial ones. Hopefully they breathe new life into the game and give you even more fun than before.

To celebrate this and the fact that the site has now reached 250k visitors, I am posting a Slayin wallpaper:

iPhone 5 version (640x1136)


The Slayin update is now live on the Appstore. FDG Entertainment made another awesome trailer to show off the new features:
Get it in the Appstore here.


More artwork uploaded to the galleries. Also working on the first update to Slayin, which will be adding in new characters. The game has been more of a success than I ever could have thought possible. Thanks to all the people who bought it and supported Pixel Licker.


Slayin hits the Appstore today. Check out this awesome trailer that FDG Entertainment has made for the release:
Get it in the Appstore here.

And for those wondering what is new and exciting about the iOS version over the Flash and PC versions, check out these great additions:
- 3 new bosses, making the main game 80 levels long.
- 3 new weapons per character.
- A new Fame Point system that allows you to unlock and purchase additional content.
- Boss Rush and Advanced Mode, allowing you to start at level 80.
- New Leaderboard graveyard where you can decorate the headstone of your fallen hero and show it off to your friends.
- Challenging Quests to try and complete while playing.
- All new chiptune soundtrack by Matt "Norrin Radd" Creamer (of Retro City Rampage fame).
- And lots of little touches peppered in here and there.

And all that for only 99 cents?! How can you pass up a bargain like that?


Updated all my galleries and reorganized them a bit. Mostly new work from my iOS endeavors. The Illustration work has been scattered to a lot of the sub-galleries, so I guess I need to spend some time painting again to try and bulk up that gallery again. Also, new Slayin work should be uploaded soon along side the release of the iOS port in the coming months.


Finally updated my Professional Work galleries with more recent work related art. Mostly stuff for iOS games, including all my Playforge work.


Sorry for the long gaps between updates. Slayin' iOS is still on its way and its going to have more goodies than the Flash and exe versions. I found a publisher who will be helping me spread the word when the time comes and also be handling translation duties so more people can enjoy the game. The new Slayin' will have more levels, enemies, bosses and weapons. I've also added in some new game modes and spruced up the existing screens. Thanks so much for the emails and support for the iOS version. I think it will be worth the wait.


The iphone and ipad versions of Slayin's are nearly done. Hopefully I can submit them to the appstore before the end of the month. In other news, I think the XNA build of Slayin may take a lot longer than expected. But in the meantime I am hard at work on my next game. It is a horizontal scrolling shooter that focuses on careful shot placement. With any luck, I will be able to enter it in the IGF this year. Stay tuned.


I've done some improvements to the exe version of Slayin, most notably I now embed the font files into the runtime, so the text should appear the way it was intended to. If anyone finds this is causing problems, please let me know. There is also now a more streamlined control scheme, so joystick users won't have to pull out their mouse to navigate the menus. Grab it here or in the GAMES section.


For those of you who wanted an offline version of Slayin', I have made a PC version. It doesn't have online leaderboard support, but I have added local high score saving. It also adds in a bunch of display modes, including full screen with 2x, 3x and best fit scaling. Check out the included help file for details. You can get it here or in the GAMES section.


Here is the official trailer for Slayin to get your blood pumping.


After almost 13 months of on and off development, I present to the world: Slayin'. It is a simple action game where you move your hero right or left and run through enemies with your weapon. Along the way you will encounter bosses, shops and ultimately, the evil dragon. I have also added a high score table so people can battle for top honors. Enjoy!